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February 13, 2019
Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m. on the above date.  Supervisor Dan Gonzales, Treasurer Susie Ruppert, Clerk Sharon Hobin, Trustee Mike Mahaffy and Trustee Jac Groppuso were present along with three (3) citizens who were in attendance.   The following represents a brief summary of all motions, resolutions, ordinances, and actions taken by the board at this meeting; along with other information of general interest to the public.
  • Motion by Mahaffy/Hobin to approve the agenda.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Correspondence to the Clerk concerning FOIA from the State of Michigan. Anyone requesting FOIA information from the Township will have to provide additional information. 
  • Brian Owens, Suez Water Manager, reported that there were no call outs or pumps pulled for the month of January.

UIS installed new scada boxes and transducers to its stations and saved $5,000 by doing all at the same time. A new influent flow meter has been ordered to replace the 35yr old meter that failed during the cold weather.  Motion by Hobin /Groppuso to approve using sheep & goats at the treatment facility to help maintain grass.   Ayes carried; motion passes.  Motion by Hobin/Ruppert to approve Smoke Testing on May 6th, 7th, 8th to locate unwanted surface water coming into the sewer system.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 

  • Sharon Hobin presented the BTFD report in the absence of Greg Pollock.  They responded to Fire 2, Rescue/Jaw calls 0, Medical 12 and Mutual aid 3.  Motion by Hobin/Ruppert to approve $1,196.00 for additional fire truck equipment.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  
  • County Commissioner Kyle Grove was not present for the meeting. 
  • Motion by Ruppert/Mahaffy to approve the consent agenda, including unpaid bills for Jan 2019/Feb 2019 for $79,279.96 and board minutes for January 2019.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Danny Gonzales reported that the water level at Lake Lancer has been lowered and the gate has been replaced.  More repairs will be done as the weather gets better.  
  • Motion by Groppuso/Ruppert to approve $650.00 to purchase a floor polisher/ scrubber for the township hall.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Motion by Ruppert/Mahaffy to approve renewal of Link Technology’s contract for $8,658.96, effective 3/2019 thru 2/2020. Ayes carried; motion passes. The Township’s server is outdated and no longer supported by Microsoft.   Motion by Hobin/Groppuso to approve $6,844.13 to replace the server.   Ayes carried; motion passes.  Motion by Ruppert/Hobin to approve $972.00 for back up service with Links Technology.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Motion by Hobin/Groppuso to accept a letter of resignation from Treasurer, Susie Ruppert, effective March 31, 2019. 4 ayes, 0 nays, l abstain. Thank you Susie Ruppert for providing 13 years of excellence and commitment to the Township and its residents.  
  •  Motion by Hobin/Groppuso to appoint Nancy Greene as Township Treasurer starting April 1, 2019. 4 ayes, 0 nays, l abstain. 
  •  Motion by Hoban/Gropes to approve adding AFLAC to the payroll deduction options for its employees. .  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Motion by Ruppert/Hobin to adjourn the meeting at 11:00 a.m.  Ayes carried; motion passes


Alayna Alexander
Deputy Clerk

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