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April 10, 2019


Meeting called to order at 10:00 a.m. on the above date.  Supervisor Dan Gonzales, Treasurer Nancy Greene, Clerk Sharon Hobin and Trustee Mike Mahaffy were present along with six (6) citizens who were in attendance.   Jac Groppuso was absent and excused.  The following represents a brief summary of all motions, resolutions, ordinances, and actions taken by the board at this meeting; along with other information of general interest to the public.

  • Motion by Mahaffy/Hobin to approve the agenda.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Brian Owens, Suez Water Manager, reported that there were 2 call outs this month, one being a power failure at 15, and basket bracket break at pump 16.   The DPW is requesting to purchase a 5 horse By-Pass pump, $6000.00, in lieu of having to rent one when needed.   Motion by Hobin/Mahaffy to approve $6000.00 to purchase the new By-Pass pump. Ayes carried; motion passes.   
  • Chief Greg Pollock presented the BTFD report for March 2019.  They responded to Fire 0, Rescue/Jaw calls 2, Medical 12 and Mutual aid 0.   There has been a false rumor circulating that the Butman Fire Department will not respond to 911 calls on the ice.  It is the desire of all our fire fighters to respond to ALL calls dispatched through the 911 system.  The fire department building experienced flooding this March and is looking at bids to improve the drainage around the building.  
  • County Commissioner Kyle Grove reported that the 2019 Chamber of Commerce directory is out.  Kyle reported on the progress of the dams.  A resolution was signed approving the 2019 Gladwin County Equalization.  
  • Motion by Hobin/Mahaffy to approve the consent agenda, including unpaid bills for March 2019/April 2019 for $8119.73 and board minutes for March 2019.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  • Motion by Greene/Hobin to approve Stanley Steamer to strip/wax and seal the Township Hall floors.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 
  •  Motion by Mahaffey/Greene to approve Code of Conduct Resolution 19-06.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  Roll call: Ayes 4 Nays 0, absent 1. 
  • Motion by Hobin/Greene to approve Fire Department Grant Resolution 19-07.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  Roll call: Ayes 4, Nays 0, absent 1. 
  • Motion by Greene/Mahaffy to approve (6) days of vacation pay annually to Karon Hoffman, DPW billing Clerk, beginning 2019.  Ayes carried; motion passes.  Roll call: Ayes 4, Nays 0, 1 absent. 
  • Motion by Hobin/Mahaffy to adjourn the meeting at 10:40a.m.  Ayes carried; motion passes. 

Alayna Alexander
Deputy Clerk


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