SMOKE TESTING 05/06-08/19






Suez Waste Management will be smoke testing the SANITARY SEWER COLLECTION SYSTEM FOR ALL RESIDENTS connected to the public sewer system.  Michigan Rural Water Association will be assisting with the project, at no cost to the community.

This testing uses a WHITE SMOKE, that is forced through the sewer lines, using air pressure, to help locate any INFLOW/INFILTRATION AREAS in the sewer system caused by breaks in the lines, condition of manholes, broken clean-outs, and also it will help locate any UNLAWFUL SEWER CONNECTIONS, such as; Downspouts, Weep Tiles, and Sump Pumps discharging into the sanitary sewer.

This will help reduce the amount of water in the waste water system and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

Weather permitting, testing will be on May, 6, 7 & 8th.  If there are any changes, they will be posted on the Website and at the Township Office. 

Smoke testing is safe and usually does not cause problems for homeowners.  If smoke does enter your home, you will notice a smell like burning papers.  By opening doors and windows, the smoke should clear.  In case of excessive smoke, call 1-989-324-8688 and we will provide exhaust fans. 

If anyone, has any medical problems, such as having to use OXYGEN, BREATHING PROBLEMS, or has need of further knowledge about this test procedure, contact Butman Township Office at 989-425-4351.

Thank You  

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